About Me

I’m Suzanne Black, one design expert at your service. No woman is an island, so while I offer a uniquely personal service that’s mostly a one-to-one collaboration with me, I do also rope in a few of my talented colleagues to help with things like SEO, copywriting and so forth. So whatever you need, I’ve got you covered.

I specialise in working with rural businesses and the wedding and photography industries.

My story

Based in glorious rural Fife (in Scotland), I run my design company from our beautiful studio on our working farm. The farm is home to several enterprises including holiday lets and a thriving agricultural business, which really enriches the service I can offer. I’ve experienced first hand how agriculture needs to diversify in this day and age in order to work financially, and have tackled every  challenge of rural business you can think of, perfectly positioning me to help yours to thrive through great branding and design.

“Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou

Having run my own wedding photography business for fifteen years, I know the wedding industry inside out and backwards. I know what photographers and wedding professionals need from their websites, the kind of client they want to attract and the way they work. A creative type with a mind with a head for business, I’ll work closely with you to build the brand of your dreams. 

Let's work together!